QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA unveil upcoming album details


Symphonic black metal band Quintessence Mystica from Ukraine has announced the release of the follow-up of its successful debut album “The 5th Harmonic of Death” from 2011. Their second full-length is entitled “Duality” and it will be released via the German label Schwarzdorn Production in digipak CD edition on 20/23 of June 2014. “Duality” promises 10 mystical, symphonic black metal tracks that accompany the handset again in an irrational and cosmic journey for us. The duo tried to express all that goes beyond the borders of common sense. All that which is beyond science, occultism and beyond the borders of our “common-respected” religion. Sometimes even beyond truth, because this logical category does not even exist in this context. This is an attempt to look beyond the Edge. For fans of Limbonic Art, Sirius and Sigh.

1. Prelude
2. The Secrets of Victorious Decisions                 
3. The Infinite Dance of Numbers
4. Sparks of the Glorious Fire
5. Impulse of Courage
6. Inversion of Reality
7. Destruction of Galaxies
8. Creep & Damage
9. Equations of Daemonic Revelations
10. Breathing of Saturn Rings

Quintessence Mystica @ Schwarzdorn Production


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