HELSÓTT reveal debut album details


American pagan folk death metal band Helsótt from California has revealed the first official details of its debut full-length album entitled “Woven“. Helsótt were formed in the beginning of 2010 as a melding of American thrash / death and pagan metal. In 2012 they released the 3-track EP “Fólkvangr“, whose songs will be included as bonus tracks in the upcoming album, remixed and remastered. ”Woven” was recorded in several sessions and it took about 75 hours to complete all of the recording. It was mixed by Roy Z and mastered by Andy Horn. Their music is inspired from Norse, Celtic, Greek and Germanic mythology and history. Everything on this album is from a pagan standpoint and re-imagined by the singer and lyricist Eric Dow. There are guest vocals from Mike Pardi (guitarist for Possessed and singer for Draconis) and Josiah Guile (Sons of Fate). The band has unveiled the cover artwork by Felipe Machado Franco and the album tracklist. “Woven” will be officially released on July 28th 2014.

1. Helsott
2. Agamemnon
3. Axe, Shield and Battlefield
4. Painless Journey of Death
5. Cessation (Vandals Divide Pt. II)
6. The Sacking of Lindisfarne
7. Now His Fate
8. Eight Drunken Celts
9. Fólkvangr ( bonus track, taken from “Fólkvangr” )
10. Vandals Divide ( bonus track, taken from “Fólkvangr” )
11. Honour Thy Valkyrie ( bonus track, taken from “Fólkvangr” )

Eric Dow – vocals
Mark Dow – guitars / vocals
Mikey “Mjölnir” Muller – bass
Cooper “Imploder” Dustman – drums
David Walston – lead guitars

Helsótt official page
Helsótt @ Facebook
Helsótt @ MySpace
Helsótt @ Twitter


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