MYSTICAL FULLMOON reveal upcoming album details

MYSTICAL FULLMOON - Chthonian Theogony

Italian experimental black metallers Mystical Fullmoon have announced that their new record “Chthonian Theogony” will be published on 2nd of June 2014 via the Italian label Beyond…Production and will be available via Masterpiece Distribution (Italy), Code7 / Plastichead (rest of the world) or on iTunes. Formed in 1994, the band released a couple of demos and an EP between 1998 and 2000. After 2000 they remained silent until 2009 when their first full-length album “Scoring a Liminal Phase – Ten Strategies for Postmodern Mysticism” was out! Mystical Fullmoon have already unveiled the cover artwork for “Chthonian Theogony” and the album tracklist, while a teaser trailer is also available to watch below. The video shows excerpts of the artwork decorating the luxurious 20-page booklet. The concept of “Chthonian Theogony” may be seen as a union of opposites, as an hermetic sum aimed at combining what’s above with what’s below, the dark, primordial, chthonian energies of the earth and of the night…

1. Tachyon Oracle
2. An Outermost Resonance
3. Reward for the Blind
4. Stone of Splendor
5. A Red and Black Sacrament
6. The Reader and the Naked Scientist
7. After the Coil
8. Mechanics of Atonement
9. Aghori
10. Dream Brother

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