HEIDRA reveal upcoming debut album details

HEIDRA - Awaiting Dawn

Epic Viking black death metal band Heidra from Copenhagen, Denmark will soon release its debut full-length album “Awaiting Dawn“. Heidra were formed in 2006 and since the release of their first demo in 2008, they have been roaming the Danish metal underground, sharing the stage with big international acts like Turisas, Korpiklaani, Metsatöll and Thyrfing. In the period from 2008 to 2012 they recorded two demos as well as the critically acclaimed EP “Sworn to Vengeance“. “Awaiting Dawn” was recorded in 2013 at Andy La Rocque’s famous Sonic Train Studios. The album was engineered by Olof Berggren and mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque. It consists of eight songs that contain everything Heidra stands for: catchy melodies, heavy riffs, harsh growls, symphonic keyboards and grandiose clean vocals. Heidra is releasing “Awaiting Dawn” in Denmark on June 16 and Worldwide on July 28, 2014 through Mighty Music/ Target!

1. Prelude
2. Awaiting Dawn
3. Betrayal
4. Witch of Prophecy
5. Into Cursed Lands
6. The Eyes of Giants
7. Wolfborn
8. The Power of Gods
9. Harbinger of War

Heidra official page
Heidra @ Facebook
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