BATTLE DAGORATH / DARCHON / LORN release split album

Enshroudment of Astral Destiny

The three way split album of Battle Dagorath (USA) / Darchon (Greece) / Lorn (Italy) entitled “Enshroudment of Astral Destiny” is officially released by Kunsthauch Productions (Russia) on June 3rd 2012. This alchemic collection features seven omens of oblique cosmos in chaos. An apocalyptic ascension through gateways encountering mysterious revelations of iconic and transformational atmospheric black metal from the ancient sky… Battle Dagorath track “Nocturnal Elegy” features vocals from Elzeril (Vérzivatar / Hungary).

Enshroudment of Astral Destiny” is released in 2 versions:
1. Black version, lim. to 500 copies in black envelope, 3-panel digi-sleeve layout.
2. Silver version, lim. to 50 copies with special insert in silver numbered envelope with sealing wax.

1. Battle Dagorath – Echoes from the Ancient Skies (08:28 )
2. Battle Dagorath – Warspirits of Annihilation (07:11)
3. Battle Dagorath – Nocturnal Elegy (09:59)
4. Darchon – Oceanus (09:17)
5. Darchon – Shadows from the Elder Chasm (07:34)
6. Darchon – Breath of Typhoeus (04:36)
7. Lorn – Vain Foreseen (07:58 )



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