New HEILNOZ EP soon to be out via Darkwoods

HEILNOZ - Porta da Vida, Porta da Morte

Spanish pagan black metallers Heilnoz, from the arcane and impenetrable forests of the magic Galicia will soon release their new EP “Porta da vida, Porta da Morte” via their new label Darkwoods. The EP includes two amazing tracks of absolutely overwhelming black metal with really shocking pagan essence… Some time ago Darkwoods posted its releasing on vinyl, but for different reasons this has not been possible. So the label has reconsider it and will finally release it on CD in an absolutely cult edition, limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on A5 sized digifile format, with an awesome artwork done, one more time, by el dios perezoso… ”Porta da vida, Porta da Morte” EP will also include the four tracks of their 2010 demo Heilnoz” as bonus, whose original edition is sold-out and whose songs will be published on CD for the very first time… The album is already on plant, so expect a June 2014 release. More info coming soon!!

1. Porta da Vida
2. Porta da Morte

Bonus tracks (Heilnoz Demo 2010):
3. Silent Wood
4. The course of the Longest Night
5. Rivers of Black Water
6. Burned Forest

Heilnoz @ Bandcamp


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