BAELFYR unveil debut EP details

BAELFYR - Baelfyr

American Celtic folk metallers Baelfyr from San Diego, California will release their debut EP entitled “Baelfyr” on 31st of July 2014. The band was formed on July 2013 and their first work will feature 6 tracks, including an epic intro, 4 brutally hardcore Celtic metal tracks and their own take on an ancient Breton instrumental “Andro“, which has also been covered by bands such as Eluveitie and Faun. Baelfyr have already unveiled the cover artwork, the album tracklist and the song “As Wind Sways the Trees“. In their official Bandcamp page you can listen to the song and pre-order the EP. For those who are interested, below you can find some info about their lyrical concept: 

In 71 AD the Roman Empire began its attempted occupation of ‘Caledonia’ the area now known as Scotland. The Picts or ‘painted ones’ were the native people of this area and stood against Rome until they eventually gave up their effort and departed in 213 AD. Before Rome’s fall, the Pictish people symbolized the last of the free people, victorious in their fight against submission and slavery; as most other Celtic and Germanic tribes were already defeated, many of which incorporated into the Roman Army. This EP is written from the perspective of the Picts during this time period. Using guerrilla warfare tactics, they picked at the Roman forces and only attacked on their own terms, playing only to their strengths. They are a symbol of effective resistance to tyranny.

1. Mons Graupius
2. The Painted Ones
3. Forsworn
4. As Wind Sways the Trees
5. Of Blood & Rust
6. Andro

Baelfyr official page
Baelfyr @ Facebook
Baelfyr @ Bandcamp


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