SVARGA unveil new album details

SVARGA - Spirit of the Land

After more than 10 years in silence, Ukrainian pagan black metal band Svarga has returned! Their new full-length album “Spirit of the Land” will be out soon via the Brazilian label Fimbulvinter Productions, hopefully by the end of summer / beginning of autumn 2014. ”Spirit of the Land” is coming to break hedges, surely the band wasted no time. The upcoming album contains 7 new songs and 3 bonus track, totally 10 songs of true heathen black metal and it will come in a standard jewel-case CD and in a limited to 85 copies A5 digipak version. Cover artwork and album tracklist are already revealed, while the first track “Ломая Преграды (Breaking the Hedges)” from the new album is available in their label’s official pages.

1. Ломая Преграды
2. Рассветом Нового Дня             
3. Дух Земли
4. Молебен Уст Онемевших
5. Пусть Закипает Кровь
6. Зброї Закон
7. Путь к Бессмертию
+ 3 Bonus tracks

Fimbulvinter Productions @ Facebook
Fimbulvinter Productions @ VK


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