DARKENHÖLD unveil upcoming album details

DARKENHOLD - Castellum

French medieval black metal band Darkenhöld has announced the release date of its upcoming work entitled “Castellum“. It is the third full-length album of the band and it will be out on September 15th 2014 through Those Opposed Records. In 2008, Aldébaran (ex-Artefact) and Cervantes decided to join their forces to create Darkenhöld with the intention to form an authentic and medieval black metal band. After two split-CDs and a participation in a tribute to Emperor (2009), Darkenhöld carve its first album in stone, “A Passage to the Towers” (2009 – Ancestral Production). The band then defends its music through gigs and joins a tribute to Enslaved, before beginning to write new compositions for a second opus. They’ve also participated to a 4-way split CD with Aorlhac, Ysengrin and Ossuaire. With “Echoes from the Stone Keeper” (2012 – Those Opposed Records) the band develops more precisely its universe, its evocative power and its own sound, a melodic black metal chiseling foggy landscapes, mysterious underground passages as well as medieval majesty. Darkenhöld have already revealed the tracklist for “Castellum” and unveiled its final cover artwork, that is, like the two previous albums, a wonderful painting made by Claudine Vrac.

1. Strongholds Eternal Rivalry
2. Le Castellas du Moine Brigand
3. Majestic Dusk Over the Sentinels
4. Glorious Horns – Feodus Obitus
5. Le Souffle des Vieilles Pierres
6. L’Incandescence Souterraine
7. Mountains Wayfaring Call
8. The Bulwarks Warlords
9. Medium Aevum

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Darkenhöld @ ReverbNation


2 Responses to DARKENHÖLD unveil upcoming album details

  1. Haha so many bands that seem interesting in your blog posts, I cannot catch up with all of them unfortunately !

    I like the fact that you feature several bands from France. There is definitely an interesting scene here, but for some reason I think it’s difficult to stay tuned about French bands.

  2. So I finally listened to what they’re playing when I came back home. Great sounds. Looks promising !

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