CEREVISIA – Trails of a Walker

CEREVISIA - Trails of a Walker

Origin: France
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Death Metal Melodic Death Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Send the Wood Music
Year: 2014

Cerevisia is a new epic pagan metal band from Marseille, France that recently released its debut full-length album “Trails of a Walker“. Formed in late 2010, the band changed its line-up and music style many times, until the beginning of 2012, when things became more “stable”. After various gigs, Cerevisia started working on their first album in 2013 and finally released it on May 2nd 2014 via Send the Wood Music.        

Trails of a Walker” is the first work of the band ever, except a 4-track EP at their first steps before the final line-up, something that makes the overall result even more promising and impressive. Cerevisia experiment with various genres in their sound, moving from epic death metal to pagan black metal, folk extreme metal and melodic death metal. The truth is that they combine all their influences in a very balanced and tight result. At the same time there are differences between the compositions, since each song focuses on a different combination of genres. I prefer their more folk oriented songs, but I welcome the variety in their sound. “Trails of a Walker” includes 10 songs plus a bonus track and the total album duration is a little over 47 minutes. They have a very good, powerful and clear sound, with dominant guitars, combining epic catchy technical riffs, wonderful melodic leads and great solos, accompanied by discreet, yet melodic synths and the interesting addition of folk instruments (most probably keyboard samples, since it’s not mentioned otherwise). The same variety continues in the vocal lines that move from death metal growls, to pagan black metal screams and epic clean male vocals. All brutal vocals are by Stephane, who is a very good singer, while for the clean vocals he gets help from other band members too. Their lyrics are in English, dealing with pagan themes, ancient folk tales, epic battles and tavern songs.

Cerevisia is a very promising band and they prove their intentions with this great debut album. Fans of epic pagan folk death black metal better keep an eye on them. “Trails of a Walker” is released by Send the Wood Music in a standard jewel-case with an 8-page booklet, including all the lyrics. The beautiful cover artwork is illustrated by Slo Sombrebizarre. You can visit the band’s official pages in the following links or watch the official album teaser below and get a better taste of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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