NOTHGARD unveil upcoming album details

NOTHGARD - Age of Pandora

German epic melodic death metallers Nothgard from Deggendorf, Bavaria will release their second full-length album “Age of Pandora” on 12th of September 2014 via their new label Trollzorn Records. Nothgard were founded in 2008 and they stand out due to the 3 technical guitars and their intoxicating live shows. In April 2011 the band released its debut full-length album “Warhorns of Midgard“, which received rave reviews. In the same month they performed their first European tour together with Skyforger, Heljareyga, Gernotshagen, Kromlek and Northland. With its new and second album ”Age of Pandora” the band is heading straight towards to originality, technical finesse and maturity. The new material will be bombastic, epic and very technical, simply because all three guitars establish a new way of a harmonic interplay between rhythm and double-leads. Beside this “guitar-orchestra” the orchestra parts of the keys ensure pure epicness and heroic power all along the line. Nothgard have unveiled the official cover artwork by Peter Sallai and the album tracklist. Official teaser containing snippets of the songs is coming soon.

1. Of Light and Shadow
2. Age of Pandora
3. Blackened Seed
4. Black Witch Venture
5. In Blood Remained
6. Anima
7. Obey the King
8. Wings of Dawn
9. Mossback Children
10. No One Holds the Crown

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