Satvrnia Tellvs is a new pagan black metal band from Naples, Italy. Hostis, who is their only member, formed this band in 2009. In the end of 2011 they released their debut album “Elysivm”. Let’s see what Hostis has to say about his band.

- Hello Hostis. Thank you for making this interview. Satvrnia Tellvs is a new band in its first steps. Is this your first band? What made you begin this band and what does its name mean?

Satvrnia Tellvs is not my first project, I used to have another one-man band but I’ve never taken it seriously and I’ve never released anything with that project. Instead Satvrnia Tellvs is my first serious project, the one with I have started to publish something. This band is the expression of my feelings, such as the love for Italian tradition and history, my vision of the world, and (why not?) it also expresses my personal need to break with old school black metal schemes and to experiment new solutions by joining various musical styles. Satvrnia Tellvs in the Roman tradition, is the mother earth and the symbol of the Golden Age; so it is a praise to Italy’s past and tradition.

- How would you describe your music with your own words? What are your basic influences? Is there something new Satvrnia Tellvs have to tell to the black metal scene?

I describe my music saying that Satvrnia Tellvs is a journey through the soul and the ruins of our past, a journey that passes through the traditional esoteric and oriental doctrine to reach the Awakening of the Spirit, trapped in the dark age of our times. I don’t like making list, but you need to know that I’ve been influenced by several bands and musical genres, not just by metal. I believe Satvrnia Tellvs has much and less to say, depending on the interest about certain themes the individual could have, so I’d say that the key lecture finds itself inside the person concerned. Satvrnia Tellvs may appear as the usual black metal band or may appear as a band that has to say something different. This is a good question for those who have listened to my project.

- Can you tell us a few things about the band’s lyrical concept? All lyrics are in Latin. Is there any ideology or message you want to share through your music?

The lyrical concept of Satvrnia Tellvs is about the roman traditions and history, classic mythology, mystic figures and heroes of ancient times, about nature, wisdom doctrines of Latin and Greek intellectuals and philosophers, but also about spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical doctrines of Spirit, the elevation of our “Oneself”, the climbing to the peak of the knowledge and wisdom to reach the solar immortality of God in ourselves. There’s a mistake: lyrics are not in Latin but in Italian. Just one strophe in the first song of “Elysivm” is in Latin, and is a praise of Latin poet Virgilio to Italy. The message I want to share to those who listen my songs is this: love more what is part of our tradition, our country and our history and be less influenced by modern times with their false values, their ignorance and negative, low and shady desires and aspirations of our dark age.

- What are the reactions you get so far from your debut album? Are you satisfied with the result?

There have been various positive and negative comments about “Elysivm”, but I think that critics are very important for a band, especially about the first full-length. A critic, if right, is indispensable to stimulate a band to do better. However I’m very satisfied with the reactions of those who have listened and purchased the album.

- Your sound has an underground approach. Will you remain in this style in the future, or do you intend to follow more mainstream paths?

I think that every album of a band should be something new. There’s no sense to do various albums in the same style: it would be an auto-plagiarism and totally superfluous. An album must be something unique, a band has to evolve and experiment new combinations and solutions during composition. Every Satvrnia Tellvs album will be different from the other.

- In your music there are ambient and acoustic elements too. Is there any chance to see an acoustic / ambient album or project from you in the future?

I thought it in the past and I still think it. Maybe in the future I’ll create an ambient or acoustic band, I would like it, or perhaps just a Satvrnia Tellvs album, we’ll see.

- Do you plan to play any gigs with session members, or Satvrnia Tellvs will only be a studio project?

Satvrnia Tellvs was born as a studio project, I’m not intentioned to do live performances.

- Is there any other Italian band you’d like to recommend? Do you watch your local scene?

In the last years in Italy were born a lot of black metal bands, in the majority very similar to each other, boring and monotonous. However it must be said that were also born many interesting bands, scenes (Venetian and Sicilian especially) and movements (see the B.M.I.A. bands) and they are too much to list them all.

- Have you started working on a second album, or is it too early? If yes, do you have any information about it you’d like to share?

Yes, I have a lot of material, ideas, lyrical rough draft and compositions. It’s still too early to reveal something, I prefer not to announce anything yet.

- Thank you very much for this interview. I wish you all the best with Satvrnia Tellvs. Last words are yours.

Thank you for the space given in this interview and for your interest in Satvrnia Tellvs. Thanks to all those who listen and support Satvrnia Tellvs, and to those who have criticized and appreciated and continue to criticize and appreciate my music.



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