OUBLIETTE debut album details

OUBLIETTE - Apparitions

American melodic atmospheric black metal band Oubliette from Tennessee will release its debut full-length album “Apparitions” on CD via The Artisan Era on August 1st 2014. Oubliette were formed in 2011, including in their line-up members from Æther Realm and Inferi, while “Apparitions” is their first work ever released. The album is mixed by Zak Denham and Mike Low and is mastered by Zak Denham. The wonderful cover illustration is by Joe Lampley, while further design is by Alex Hofmann of Cypher Visual. “Apparitions” is already available in digital format in their official Bandcamp page and for CD pre-order in their label’s web-shop.

1. Apparitions ( 01:59 )                  
2. Whispers ( 05:39 )
3. The Fog ( 07:37 )
4. Withering Dreams ( 07:54 )
5. A Beautiful Suicide ( 05:02 )
6. Howls of Death ( 06:23 )
7. Creatures of the Endless Slumber ( 06:27 )
8. Palingenesis ( 08:10 )

Mike Low – guitars, backing vocals
Emily Low – vocals
Vincent Jones – bass, backing vocals
Doug Mesich – drums

Oubliette @ Facebook
Oubliette @ Bandcamp


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