GRAI reveal upcoming album details

GRAI - Mlada

Pagan folk metal band Грай (Grai) from the Republic of Tatarstan of eastern Russia will release its third studio album “Млада – Mlada” on the 19th of September 2014 via Noizgate Records. At the same time, Grai together with SatanaKozel, will also begin their “Folk Metal Crusade Tour”, whose first dates are already confirmed and you can check in the band’s official pages. “Mlada” includes 11 songs with the band’s typical mix of delicate folk sounds and punchy metal. Ruzel “Ruzveld”, guitarist and mastermind of Grai, has to say about the album: “Mlada is complex and varied, with songs full of life, dance, action and rhythm, but also some slower parts that provoke thought. It is a great album, on which we were once again able to further develop our musical expressions“. Grai have already revealed the album tracklist and the cover artwork illustrated by Andrey Andreev, who succeeded to match the often playful, romantic lyrics of the band. The cover shows the fairytale illustration of a flute-playing girl in the style of the band, inspired by medieval references.

1. Beard – Борода
2. Hunt – Крепкая охота
3. Mlada – Млада
4. Hugging the Storm – Обнимая бурю
5. Hay Harvest – Сенокос
6. Get Back – Вернись
7. I Will Sow My Sorrow – Посею горе
8. Fortress – Крепость (Instrumental)
9. Outro
10. In the Arms of Mara – В объятиях мары (Bonus)
11. Yaz’ – Язь (Bonus)

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Grai @ VK
Grai @ Bandcamp


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