BLACKTHORN release their first single

BLACKTHORN - Era Obscura

Russian extreme symphonic Gothic metallers Blackthorn announced: “An unexpected pleasure! We’re pleased to announce the first single of the band, entitled “Era Obscura“. The single contains two versions of the track; one in English and the other in Russian. The song was specially composed for the 5th anniversary of Zheleznye Devy festival (the biggest female-voice metal festival in Russia) and dedicated to all the metal maidens around the world. The single was recorded, mixed and mastered at Magna Opera Studio. Check out the new tracks now on Myspace or listen and subscribe at the MSR Productions Soundcloud page!” (links below)

Aina – Vocals
Elvira – Guitar, Growl, Keys, Composing
Greta – Bass
Less – Violin
Varaska – Drums
Blackthorn choir: Aina, Elvira, Less, Varaska, Anna Hel (Conflict, Stentorian Voice)
Russian lyrics by Elvira and Aina
English lyrics by Aina
Artwork by Aina Blackthorn
Cover photo by Jessica Truscott

Blackthorn @ Facebook
Blackthorn @ Myspace


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