INCURSED unveil upcoming EP details

INCURSED - Beer Bloodbath

Spanish Viking pagan metallers Incursed from Bilbao have confirmed the release of a 5-track EP, entitled “Beer Bloodbath“, which, as promised, will be out before their upcoming second full-length “Elderslied“. The first two tracks will appear in “Elderslied“, the other three will only be in the EP. There is a crowdfunding campaign still in progress for the next album, and the band could possibly create a physical edition for this EP too with more funds. Cover artwork and tracklist of the EP are already unveiled and if everything goes as planned, “Beer Bloodbath” will be out during the Autumn of 2014.

1. Beer Bloodbath
2. Raging Wyverns            
3. Die by the Sword
4. Game of Thrones
5. Beer Bloodbath (Drunken version)

Incursed @ Facebook
Incursed @ Bandcamp


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