THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Carrion Crows Over Camlan

THE WOLVES OF AVALON - Carrion Crows Over Camlan

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Folk Metal Pagan Metal
Label: Godreah Records
Year: 2011

Wolves of Avalon is a new band created by Metatron of The Meads of Asphodel. He always wanted his pagan celtic metal ideas to take a form, but not in his main band. So it was actually a matter of time for this band to be born. After seeing the final line-up of this release and especially the guest appearances of Rob Darken (Graveland), Verst (Instinct), Roibéard Ó Bogail (Mael-Mordha), Magnus O. Wohlfart (Yggdrasil), Petra Jadrná (Cruadalach), Arvid Vermote (Krigavar), and Rob Wakefield (Aurora-Project) it was like we are having an all-star pagan metal band! In 2011 the band released its debut album “Carrion Crows Over Camlan” with Godreah Records, so let’s take a listen to what they offer us.

The similarities in their sound with The Meads of Asphodel are obvious from the first minutes, despite the fact they actually move in another genre. Maybe it’s the characteristic and so distinctive vocals of Metatron that give this impression, or the fact that they play on the same slow-to-mid tempo. Apart from that, we deal with a very interesting and original album! The use of folk instruments and violins and their decision to built a stronger and more solid atmosphere throughout the whole album give Wolves of Avalon a quite different “personality” than Meads. The orchestrations are very rich and you can discover so many different details each time you listen to a song, something that makes this album better and better with time. Some of their melodies especially in “The War Song of Beli Mawr” and “The Siege of Badon Hill” are simply magical and breathtaking! It’s not easy to write more, since their music is very distinctive and can’t be contained in the typical metal genres. It generally belongs to the pagan celtic folk metal, but with a more sorrowful, theatrical, almost tragic mood that results in a dark medieval epic atmosphere. Metatron’s vocals are mainly brutal, with his characteristic narrations from time to time, but there are also clean male and female vocals, as well as many guest singers. The concept of the album is about the Arthurian age, seen through a more historical and less mythical prism. It mainly deals with the battles between Britain and the German invaders and focuses on the british victory at the battle of Badon Hill around 500 AD. The album is dedicated to Quorthon, as mentioned in the booklet…

Carrion Crows Over Camlan” is a great album, totally recommended for fans of Meads of Asphodel, or pagan metal fans, who want to listen to something different than the typical sound of the genre. Wolves of Avalon is a new refreshing and different proposal in this overcrowded scene that deserves your attention. You can visit their label’s site for more details, or their myspace page to get a first taste of their music.


Rating:  (9/10)

The Wolves of Avalon @ Myspace

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