EINTRITT release debut album

EINTRITT - Tempel der Meere

Eintritt, the Polish epic funeral doom / atmospheric black metal solo project of Eija Risen from Poznan, has released its debut full-length album “Tempel der Meere” via Gibraltar based label No Remorse Records. After a year of preparations, the album has been digitally released, while their label is also working on the physical release, which will be announced soon. Inspired mainly by The Howling Void’s music, the project was founded in April 2013, with the intention to take the genre’s epicness to a whole new level. Shortly after, six tracks were composed, awaiting guitar and vocal recordings. The debut album “Tempel der Meere” is a conceptual work. Its lyrics are odes for elements in nature, written in German language, spoken from a perspective of a sailor during a sea journey, being metaphors for the elemental aspects of life and philosophy, inspired by Andrey Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” movie.

1. Eintritt   ( 03:52 )
2. Luftgeist   ( 08:24 )
3. Erdgeist   ( 08:52 )
4. Flammgeist   ( 08:55 )
5. Wassergeist   ( 11:23 )
6. Austritt   ( 03:47 )

Eintritt @ Facebook
Eintritt – Tempel der Meere @ Bandcamp


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