ATHERIA – Echo from Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression

ATHERIA - Echo from another Kingdom & Spectral Regression

Origin: Greece
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal Depressive Black Metal
Label: Maa Productions
Year: 2013

Atheria is a new Greek ambient depressive black metal band, the personal project of Phosphorus, who previously was behind the black metal band Fullmoon Mist. He has also the dark ambient / darkwave project In Oceanic Slumber. After the split-up of Fullmoon Mist, he formed Atheria in 2011 and released two EPs, “Echo from Another Kingdom” in 2012 and “Spectral Regression” in 2013. In November 2013 both of them were re-released in one compilation CD through the Japanese label Maa Productions, under the title “Echo from Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression“.          

The first chapter of this collection is the EP “Echo from Another Kingdom” that contains 6 tracks and lasts for almost 22 minutes, while the second chapter is “Spectral Regression” with 5 songs and over 23 minutes of music. Atheria try to built a very interesting atmospheric sound and while both works move between ambient and depressive black metal with extreme screaming vocals, there are differences between them. I find “Echo from Another Kingdom” more ambient influenced, with many experimental atmospheric elements and fewer black metal parts, while “Spectral Regression” is clearly more black metal oriented with a much heavier and somehow suffocating atmosphere. In the second EP, Climaxia (Melencolia Estatica, Absentia Lunae, Lintver) did guest vocals in 2 tracks. The production and overall sound quality is at a good level for this genre, especially if you take into consideration that these EPs were originally self-produced and that Atheria’s sound has a clearly underground aesthetic. As expected, synths are very dominant in their music and there are several instrumental songs exclusively with keys. Phosphorus’ guitars sound raw and melodic, with a nice balance in the distortion. Both works move mostly in mid-tempo rhythms, with few faster outbursts. All lyrics are in English, but they are not in the CD-booklet, except for the last song. I like the fact that Atheria are willing to experiment with various genres and atmospheric sounds and I hope they continue this way, trying at the same time to create something more distinctive and personal…

Fans of ambient depressive black metal, who like to discover new interesting bands, have the chance to get the complete discography of Atheria so far with this compilation. Phosphorus is preparing a new Atheria EP to be released soon, while in June 2014 he released digitally the debut album “Passage of an Enigma” of his second project In Oceanic Slumber. ”Echo from Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression” is released via Maa Productions in a standard jewel-case CD edition with a 4-page booklet. You can find more info and sound samples following the links below.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Atheria @ Facebook
Atheria @ Bandcamp
In Oceanic Slumber @ Bandcamp


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