OUBLIETTE – Apparitions

OUBLIETTE - Apparitions

Origin: USA
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: The Artisan Era
Year: 2014

Melodic black metal band Oubliette from Tennessee, USA has just released its first work. They are a relatively new band, since they were formed just in 2011. There is actually not much info about them in their official pages, except that 2 of their members also play on Æther Realm and Inferi. Their debut full-length album is entitled “Apparitions” and it was released via the American label The Artisan Era on August 1st 2014.       

Oubliette present a very mature sound in their debut album and the term melodic black metal is very generic to describe the complexity and atmosphere of their music. Their production is very good, while their sound has influences from the “underground” aesthetic. The band combines elements of raw black metal, post metal and technical progressive black metal, enriched with enchanting acoustic and instrumental passages. Guitars are the leading instrument in their music with many amazing melodies and a very technical sound, both distorted and acoustic ones. The tempo of their music varies, since the band moves easily from very fast rhythms, to mid, or slow tempo parts, following the needs of their quite complex compositions. “Apparitions” has a very warm sound and at the same time a very melancholic atmosphere, with 8 great compositions that last for a little over 49 minutes. Last, but not least, I’d like to comment on Emily’s amazing vocals! She is the lead singer of Oubliette, for both black metal screams and clean female vocals, doing a really wonderful job. Her brutal screams are full of rage, desperation and agony in a unique contrast and balance with her enchanting emotional clean vocals that have an almost aethereal aura. She is really a very talented singer and her voice helps the band build a more personal identity and character! The lyrics on “Apparitions” deal with dream-related themes and dark fantasy and the atmosphere of their music serves them perfectly. My favorite tracks are “Withering Dreams” and “Palingenesis“, but the rest of the album is great too…

Apparitions” is definitely a very impressive debut album totally recommended to fans of melodic atmospheric black metal. I really hope Oubliette are here to stay and that we’ll see more works from them in the future. Except for its digital release in Bandcamp, “Apparitions” is also available in CD edition via The Artisan Era. Unluckily it comes in a cardboard sleeve, that doesn’t do justice to the quality of their music and the really impressive artwork by Joe Lampley. You can visit the band’s official pages below, where you can listen to the album in its entirety.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Oubliette @ Facebook
Oubliette @ Bandcamp


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