ÁRSTÍÐIR LÍFSINS unveil upcoming album details

ARSTIDIR LIFSINS - Aldafodr ok Munka Drottinn

Since 2008, the art of the outstanding Icelandic / German metallers Árstíðir Lífsins (Icelandic for “The Seasons of Life“) truly breathes Old Norse history on all levels. Now, and with their 3rd album “Aldafǫðr ok Munka Dróttinn” (Old Icelandic for Óðinn and the God of the Monks), Árstíðir Lífsins further depict the vivid and cruel Icelandic Middle Ages from the most realistic angle possible. Entirely sung in Old Norse-Icelandic and with added Skaldic stanzas from the world-known Icelandic sagas, ”Aldafǫðr ok Munka Dróttinn” takes you on a journey to the uttermost vivid and mythic Conversion of Iceland in the year 1000 as it is displayed in the vernacular medieval sources from the stormy North-Atlantic. Árstíðir Lífsins, however, represent authenticity on all levels: as diverse as the world views of Christians and heathens is, also the composition and arrangement of music is on “Aldafǫðr ok Munka Dróttinn“: From ambient archaic folklore patterns, supported by dark chants and classical instruments, to black metal elements in their finest Norwegian tradition and epic double-bass driven Viking Metal parts, the musical abilities materialize and teach a powerful lesson in real craftmanship. So behold, this profound journey is truly intended to capture the listeners and directly depart them into a long gone time of struggling worshipers of Óðinn and the God of the Monks.

Aldafǫðr ok Munka Dróttinn“ is a full-length by all means: to depict and express such various topics of Scandinavian history and myth, a total of 81 minutes in playtime was necessary, divided into nine (individual) songs on two CDs or LPs. First sound samples, visual previews of the truly beautiful and outstanding layout, as well as the release date will be revealed soon.

1. Kastar Heljar Brenna Fjarri ofan Ǫnundarfirðinum ( 12:10 )
2. Knǫrr Siglandi Birtisk á Löngu Bláu Yfirborði ( 08:16 )
3. Þeir Heilags dóms Hirðar ( 13:42 )
4. Úlfs Veðrit er ið CMXCIX ( 08:34 )
5. Máni, Bróðir Sólar ok Mundilfara ( 04:32 )
1. Tími er Kominn at Kveða Fyrir þér ( 08:34 )
2. Norðsæta Gætis, Herforingja Ormsins Langa ( 06:10 )
3. Bituls Skokra Benvargs Hreggjar á Sér Stað ( 08:20 )
4. Sem Lengsk Vánar Lopts Ljósgimu Hvarfs Dregr Nærri ( 10:46 )

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  1. Wow this is a great news !! I like this project a lot! And 81 minutes is really a lot of music – looking forward to hear more from that… looks like it will end up on my purchase list as well !

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