WOLFMARE – Hand of Glory

WOLFMARE – Hand of Glory

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: CCP Records
Year: 2010

The second album from the Russian folk metallers is already out. Wolfmare return 2 years after their great debut “Whitemare Rhymes” in 2008, with another top quality work. The band sounds even more tight this time, something expected, since they are together for 10 years now, after several line-up changes though (before 2007 they were named Wolfsangel and they had released another album in 2004).

Wolfmare have kept all the great elements of their debut and the only think that has changed in my opinion is that they have composed better songs. It sounds to me that their first album was an effort to filter all their different influences into a new sound. After the “filtering” the band offers us a much more solid and balanced album with 7 great songs that last for 38 minutes only (there is also a short instrumental track). Their music remains folk metal with many Celtic influences and folk instruments, all presented in their very personal style. Their production is excellent and everything sounds very natural and crystal clear. They still have their characteristic “dialogues” in the vocal lines, combining female folk vocals with brutal male parts, while the clean male vocals are much less this time. Songs vary in tempo with slower heavier parts (sometimes atmospheric death gothic metal parts) changing into faster folk outbreaks. They all have beautiful melodies and each song is a “separate entity” with its own atmosphere. Their lyrics are in English, except for one song and they are dealing with dark epic and fantasy themes.

Hand of Glory” is the band’s best album and I am sure folk metal fans will love it. Wolfmare have improved their already beautiful sound and I wonder if they can get even better in the future! Time will tell… Until then we can enjoy this great album, which is released by Claus Prellinger Records. If you want to get a taste of their music, you can visit the links below.


Rating:  (9/10)

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