Origin: Russia USA
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Folk Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Wolfsgrimm Records
Year: 2013

Autumn Bridges” is a really beautiful split EP, a nice collaboration of two very interesting one-man bands. Frozen Ocean is the ever-changing personal project of Vaarwel from Russia and Petrychor is the atmospheric folk black metal band of Tad Piecka from USA. Vaarwel has asked many projects to participate in this album, but finally only Petrychor accepted his invitation for this autumn-inspired EP. “Autumn Bridges” was recorded between 2011 and 2012 and it was finally released via the German label Wolfsgrimm Records in May 2013. 

The EP contains 3 tracks with a total duration of 23 and a half minutes. The first song is entitled “Tomorrow It will Rain over Bouville” and belongs to Petrychor. According to the band, this song is inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Sartre and collective folk music. It is the longest composition of the album, lasting over 13 minutes. Petrychor play atmospheric melodic black metal with folk, acoustic, post and ambient elements in their music. The band has a somehow “blurry” melancholic sound, where guitars, synths and extreme vocals are often merged into a raw, yet very melodic layer. Acoustic passages and instrumental parts make the song even more atmospheric and versatile. This track is a characteristic example of Petrychor’s sound, a band I totally recommend to fans of the genre.

The next 2 songs belong to Frozen Ocean, each one lasting around 5 minutes. Frozen Ocean is a very special project with a huge variety on its sound and a quite extended discography, including 9 full-length albums among others. You never know what to expect from each of his works, since he moves from drone, industrial, ambient, neoclassical and electronic music to black metal and post rock. The first Frozen Ocean song of this EP is “To Drown in Hoary Grass“, a composition that moves in a melodic post black metal style, with a few folk touches. Actually, among all Frozen Ocean works, this one is the closest to Petrychor’s sound, something that makes the album more solid. It has a warm and at the same time melancholic sound in the guitars that form various background layers, enriched by acoustic guitars, while the vocals vary from black metal screams to clean male vocals. The closing track is the instrumental “Autumn Bridges“, a really atmospheric composition with wonderful guitars and synths. It moves in a slower tempo with a mood closer to post metal and several electronic elements in the sound.

Frozen Ocean and Petrychor are two great bands that deserve your attention. “Autumn Bridges” is a nice way to get a first taste of these bands, with 3 really beautiful songs. If you are already familiar with the bands, then it is a nice addition to your collection, since all compositions are exclusively written for this EP. “Autumn Bridges” is released via Wolfsgrimm Records in a standard jewel case CD edition, limited to 300 copies. It contains a 4-page booklet with the wonderful artwork by .darla. You can find more info and sound samples in the links to their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Frozen Ocean official page
Frozen Ocean @ Facebook
Frozen Ocean @ Twitter
Petrychor official page
Petrychor @ Bandcamp


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  1. I agree, it is a very beautiful album ! I really like it

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