HESPERIA reveal first details of upcoming album


The recording of the new album of Italian pagan black metal band Hesperia entitled “Metallvm Italicvm – Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars IV” is done. The album mixing and mastering at DPF Studios will be finished by the end of October 2014. It will be released via the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records hopefully at the first months of 2015. The album, that closes the tetralogy about the Holy Roman Poem “Eneide” (P.M. Virgilio), is divided into 10 tracks. The duration time is about 43 minutes and the album has a particular “composite” structure, built and conceived on 3 levels, to be listened in different ways, as simple single tracks or as one (or more) suite(s):

1. The album can be listened as a continuous single suite of 43 minutes (there is no silence between the different tracks) in 10 movements

2. The album can be listened track by track, every single track can be listened to individually, independently from the general structure. Two singles will be extracted, and two video-clips will be based on these two singles.

3. The album can be listened as 3 suites, each one subdivided in two parts, with interludes between the suites, like the previous albums.

The album is also another album Manifesto: a Manifesto of the genre called “Metallvm Italicvm“, a genre which is not only musical but also cultural and spiritual. Exceptionally among the many special guests that participated in the album it is the metal hero of the ’80s, Mario “The Black” Di Donato (Requiem, The Black) and the Ukrainian black metal cult Knjaz Varggoth (Nokturnal Mortum)!

1. Incipit: Aeneidos Apotheosis
2. De Bello Italico I
3. De Bello Italico II
4. Interludium I: Ave Metallvm Italicvm
5. Metallvm Italicvm I
6. Metallvm Italicvm II
7. Interludium II: Ave Hesperia
8. Hesperia
9. Hesperias Triumphator (instrumental)
10. Apotheosis: Roma Incipit

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Hesperia @ Bandcamp


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