NERVENGEIST release debut demo single

NERVENGEIST - Path to Suffocation

Nervengeist is a new melodic black metal project created by Thomas Hornstein (Sviatibor) and Axel Plantade (Cernunnos) in 2014 that just released its debut demo single “Path to Suffocation“. Mainly influenced by their respective worlds, Thomas and Axel created a true symbiosis between their styles. Axel and Thomas met about three years ago in their music school club, where Axel was teaching keyboard and piano, and Thomas was learning bass. They quickly started to sympathize because of their musical tastes, they were both fans of black metal and melodic metal, even if their universes are pretty different, and this is what makes Nervengeist unique. After a concert of the music club, they decided to mix their universes and to create Nervengeist. Thomas created his solo project called Sviatibor about 7 months before. 2 months after the creation of this project, few songs were written and Nervengeist recorded their first demo called “Path to Suffocation“, which gathers all the faces of the project: powerful spiritual atmosphere, violent and fast melodic riffs, epic “in your face” parts, symphony, and the art of piano. Cernunnos and Sviatibor are working on the first album and looking for two guitarists and a drummer.

1. Oniric Journey (Introduction) 01:37
2. Path To Suffocation 06:09
3. Path To Suffocation (Orchestral Remix) 05:06

Cernunnos – keyboards, Vocals
Sviatibor – bass, vocals

Nervengeist @ Facebook
Nervengeist @ Bandcamp


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