HASPYD unveil debut album details

HASPYD - Bureviy

Ukrainian pagan folk metal band Haspyd has signed a deal with the Russian label SoundAge Productions and they will soon release their debut full-length album “Буревій“. This album has incorporated their best songs and it is actually the summary of their five-year existence. Some of the songs have already been heard on the last year’s EP “Рідна Земля” and some of them are absolutely new. Haspyd offer also a completely re-written and re-arranged version of their first song ever, “Затоплена Січ” from 2009, as well as their cover on Amon Amarth’s classic “The Pursuit of Vikings“. Igor Korzhov was responsible for the sound of the album in the recording process and the talented illustrator Sergey Kochmar created the artwork for the colorful 12-page booklet. Soon, release date and and pre-orders will be announced.

1. Буревій (The Storm)
2. Ніч Гаспида (The Haspyd’s Night)
3. Рідна Земля (The Native Land)
4. Куди Я Іду (Where Am I Go)
5. На Палю! (To The Stake!)
6. Коли Я Оживу (When I Will Come Alive)
7. Затоплена Січ (The Flooded Sich)
8. Що Лишив Ти за Собою… (What Have You Left Behind…Smilie: ;)
9. У Погоні Варягів (The Pursuit Of Varangians)

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