ABINCHOVA – Versteckte Pfade

ABINCHOVA – Versteckte Pfade

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

Abinchova is a new Swiss band from Lucerne formed in 2005. Since 2008 they have a complete line-up consisting of 7 members. In 2009 they released a demo EP “Hörensagen” that I soon got in my hands. Its very interesting package raised my expectations, but the music, even if it was good, it suffered a lot from bad production and mediocre vocals. In March 2011 the band felt ready to make the big step and release its debut full-length “Versteckte Pfade” totally self-financed, without any label support.

From the first moments it’s obvious that Abinchova have improved everything very much and they have delivered a “professional” release. They play epic folk metal with extreme elements in their music. Their guitars have a death metal sound, while the screaming vocals are closer to black metal. I’d say they remind a mix of Eluveitie and Ensiferum, but with a worse production that still needs a lot of improvement in my opinion. Their songs move in the typical epic tempo, from mid speed rhythms to faster outbursts. They use a lot of folk and acoustic instruments, with violins and accordion being the most dominant. They have rich orchestrations with lots of synths and their compositions have complex structures, not following the typical forms of repeated refrains, etc. Of course this demands more time from the listener to fully get into the songs, but I always find it as a positive thing… There are 11 songs and they last for something more than an hour. I would like to comment on the beautiful female vocals from Nora that appear on many songs, giving a more melodic / operatic approach to their lyrics. One other interesting fact is that the band doesn’t hesitate to experiment, adding many different elements in their music. The best example is the ninth song “Ein Lied”, with some great guitar solos and an almost progressive mood! Their lyrics deal with local myths and legends, all spoken in their native language.

I believe Abinchova is a band that can make bigger things in the future, judging from the great improvement in these 2 years. “Versteckte Pfade” is a great debut album that fans of epic folk extreme and melodic metal can surely appreciate. With a better production in the future they will have nothing to fear compared to the “big” names of the genre… The album is released in a beautifully illustrated digipak version. You can visit their myspace page for samples and details on how to buy their album


Rating:  (8/10)

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