FFERYLLT open a crowdfunding project


Russian folk metallers Fferyllt are on the way to release their third album “Achanterez”, a title that means “The Witch” in Breton. The band has already done all expenses for the record, but they need a little more help to promote it. They want to do it through one official clip for the song “Call of the Wild” taken from this upcoming album. It would be also dedicated to all their fans in the world. Fferyllt opened this crowd-funding, because they need your help to reach their goal. Making videos cost a lot of efforts and money and they don’t have enough to film it in a professional way as they’d like. They are ready to start the production of the video and many people are involved into production process (director, cameramen, editor, actors, drivers, make-up artist). They invite you to participate in their crowd funding campaign! With the help of the founder of ELD, folk metal supporter site dedicated to help bands, Fferyllt have built some perks. Shipping is included in perks. You can find all details by clicking in the card below.

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Fferyllt @ Twitter
Fferyllt @ VK


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