DEMENTIA AD VITAM – L’Éloge de l’Origine

DEMENTIA AD VITAM - L'Eloge de l'Origine

Origin: France
Genre: Ambient Folk Acoustic Neoclassical Neofolk
Label: Owltree Pest Productions
Year: 2014

Dementia ad Vitam is a very interesting neoclassical neofolk ambient project from France that recently released its third full-length album “L’Éloge de l’Origine“. Dementia ad Vitam introduced themselves in 2008 with the album “Spirit of the Trees“, a Neoclassical darkwave work, released via Occultum Productions. In 2010 the band released its second album “De Gaïa, le Poison…“, a work where they added a few atmospheric black metal elements in their sound. This album was released via Naturmacht Productions. Four years later they are back with their new full-length ”L’Éloge de l’Origine” released via Owltree, a new sub-label of the Chinese label Pest Productions.               

In this new album Dementia ad Vitam continue to invest on their unique dark melancholic sound, without hesitating to experiment with new ways of expression, like the addition of dark folk elements. It is their most diverse work to date, still retaining the characteristic romantic atmosphere of the band. “L’Éloge de l’Origine” is divided in 3 parts, each one including 5 songs. Its 15 songs have a total playtime of 67 minutes and despite its long duration, the music is always interesting! Their style is really difficult to describe. They move between classical / neoclassical music, ambient and neofolk. This album is more tranquil and acoustic, since the few distorted guitars and blackened metal parts of the previous album are gone. Their music is based on dark atmospheric synths, ambient passages, nature sounds, melodic melancholic acoustic instruments, like piano, violin, acoustic guitars and dulcimer, combined with various vocal types, both male and female. Atmospheric whispers, theatrical narrations and few screaming vocals here and there, fit perfectly to their sound, unlike the clean vocals that at least in my opinion need some improvement. Their lyrics are all in French, included in the CD booklet. While the band has expanded its sound horizons with a wider range of music genres, they don’t mix these styles all together at once; each song is focusing on something different, so that the minimal slow hypnotic mood of their compositions remains intact. Their production is really good and all instruments sound very natural, in perfect balance with each other.

L’Éloge de l’Origine” is a great recommendation to lovers of dark melancholic atmospheric music. Dementia ad Vitam’s “flirt” with an almost black metal ambiance can also make them more appealing to some metal fans too. The album is very good with many enchanting moments, especially in their Neoclassical parts and the great piano melodies. It is also a work that demands your full-attention to be fully comprehended and becomes much better in darkness, with the right mood… ”L’Éloge de l’Origine” is released via Owltree in 6-panel digisleeve CD edition with a 12-page booklet, limited to 300 copies! The wonderful artwork is by Chaim Drishner and the graphic design by Marcela Bolivar. It is also available digitally in their label’s Bandcamp page, where you can listen to the entire album. Follow the links below for more details.


Rating:  (8/10)

Dementia ad Vitam @ Facebook
Dementia ad Vitam – L’Éloge de l’Origine @ Bandcamp


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