ZARIA reveal upcoming album details

ZARIA - Po Poti Zivljenja

Slovenian folk metalles Zaria from Medvode are ready to release their first full-length album “Po poti življenja“, one year after their debut EP “Sij obzorja“. The band entered the studio in the early spring and is now finally able to reveal some details about their coming album. It will be self-released somewhere near the winter solstice 2014, both in CD edition and digital formats. Eleven new tracks will take you on a journey through tales, adventures, victories, defeats, laughter, tears … Thus the title “Po poti življenja“, which translates to “Upon the Trail of Life“. Along with the album tracklist, Zaria are also unveiling the cover art, designed by their guitarist Jakob Konda! More news will be soon revealed, so you better keep an eye on their official pages.

1. Po poti življenja (Upon the Trail of Life)         
2. Glas srca (A Voice from Within)
3. Divja jaga (Wild Hunt)
4. Spomin tisočerih dni (A Memory of a Thousand Days)
5. Temnina (Darkness)
6. Nov začetek (A New Beginning)
7. Pozabljeni svet (A Forgotten World)
8. Moč brez imena (A Nameless Power)
9. Na odprto morje (To the Open Sea)
10. Sledi zvezdi (Follow the Star)
11. Spev zmagoslavja (A Song of Triumph)

English translations are merely informative. The songs will be released in Slovene only!

Zaria official page
Zaria @ Facebook
Zaria @ Bandcamp


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