DRYGVA – Сын Магутнага Рода

DRYGVA – Сын Магутнага Рода

Origin: Belarus
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: First Line Records Grailight Productions
Year: 2010

Drygva is a new band from Belarus that was formed in 2007. There are actually only two members behind the band, Вiталь and Аляксей, with the help of some session drummers.  After their 3 song self released EP “Кола Часу” they managed to find not only one, but 2 labels to release their debut album “Сын Магутнага Рода (Son of Mighty Rod)”.

There are cases when you predict what you are going to listen from a band and cases that you are caught off guard. Well Drygva was a very pleasant surprise to me, since their debut album was much above my expectations! They play pagan folk Slavonic metal, with extreme vocals; well this was the predictable part. What I didn’t expect, was their excellent sound, their unbelievable folk instrumentation and the amazing quality of their melodies! Their songs are based on the contradiction between the power of rhythmic metal instruments and the melody of synths and traditional folk instruments. They have very powerful guitars with a perfectly clear production. I would say that their metal orchestrations are closer to death metal than black, but of course they are far for extreme. Synths and folk instruments (I don’t know if they are real, or keyboards, but they sound very natural) are the highlight of this work. All compositions have magical moments and unique folk melodic passages! They are definitely influenced by the slavic folk scene, but they somehow combine it with other folk elements too. I never expected so many fresh ideas in an album of this genre. What is most important is that the band sounds very original in a really overcrowded scene. They have combined folk tunes and instruments in a very personal way that reminds of no other band! Their vocal lines are only brutal (death/black style), while all lyrics are in Belarusian, singing about their ancestors.

I believe that Drygva is a much underestimated band, even if it’s too early yet. I recommend them to all fans of folk pagan metal. You should definitely check them. Except for the 10 songs of “Сын Магутнага Рода” the CD contains also their first EP, which is of the same quality! So there is totally over 50 minutes of high quality folk metal. You can visit the links below to listen with your own ears.


Rating:  (9/10)


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