NUMENOREAN – Demo 2014 (Demo)

NUMENOREAN - Demo 2014

Origin: Canada
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Filth Regime Records
Year: 2014

Numenorean is a new Canadian atmospheric post black metal band form Calgary, Alberta. They started in late 2011 as a two-man project by Byron (composition, all instruments) and Brandon (vocals) with the intention to mix aggressive and melancholic black metal with more tranquil and ethereal parts. They recorded a 2-song demo, which was released via Filth Regime Records on June 2014. The band also got a complete line-up and started its first live shows with the release of the demo.              

It’s pretty obvious that the band members see very seriously themselves and they seek “perfection” even in the latest detail. They might call this a demo, but the truth is that its sound is much better than many official debut albums. It also comes in a very beautiful digipak CD with the wonderful artwork by Oana Stoian. So actually “Demo 2014” is a very professional EP, including two long songs with a total duration of almost 20 minutes. Their music is slow melodic melancholic black metal with influences from doom and post metal and several acoustic atmospheric elements. Guitars have a very dominant role in their songs, with a really variable sound, changing from heavier aggressive riffs, to slower melancholic doomish parts and from wonderful lead melodic guitars to calmer acoustic parts. They have this typical warm melancholia in their sound and their music moves smoothly from metal to acoustic in a very natural way. They sing mostly in brutal black metal vocals of a raw unedited sound, in par with the natural sound of their instruments. Whispers and background narrations add to the atmosphere of the album, while the few clean vocals need improvement in my opinion. Their sound is clearly influenced by the biggest names of the genre, something totally natural since its only their beginning. Both songs, “Let Me in” and “Follow the Sun” move in the same style, but I prefer the second, thanks to the wonderful melodies in the lead guitars. Lyrically the band speaks about the fragile relation of man with nature…

Except for the physical CD edition by Filth Regime Records, which is limited to 100 copies (the first 50 copies were hand numbered and sealed with wax, now sold out), the EP is also available digitally in the band’s Bandcamp page. Numenorean are not redefining the genre, but they come out of nowhere with a professional demo leaving only promises for the future. They are now preparing their debut full-length album and will start recording it on February 2015, planning to release it on the summer of the same year. They definitely deserve the attention of atmospheric post black metal fans!


Rating:  (8/10)

Numenorean @ Facebook
Numenorean @ Bandcamp


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