AURINGON HAUTA reveal upcoming album details


Finnish ethnic folk metallers Auringon Hauta will soon release their second full-length album entitled “Ukon Juhla” via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. “The Feast for Ukko”, as the title translates, is a concept album based on the midsummer celebrations, which are held for the glory of Ukko, the Finnish god of sky and thunder. The songs are in chronological order, starting from the morning, going through daily activities, nightly rituals, drunken fighting, sauna, bonfire, all the way to the next morning. It was thought that the more people drink and made noise during the midsummer night, the better. That is still true today, as midsummer is one of the most important, wildest and probably the last pagan holiday left in present-day Finland. So raise a chalice with the band, for Ukko, sun and midsummer! The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Auringon Hauta in various extraordinary places in Finnish Karelia between years 2011-2013. Cover pictures were painted by Anastasia Trifanova, Auringon Hauta logo was drawn by Vali K., band photos was taken by Jesse Pylsy and booklet layout was made by Janne Väätäinen.

1. Pyhä Huomen (The Sacred Morning)
2. Kalastuslaulu (Fishing Song)
3. Puunkaatolaulu (Woodcutting Song)
4. Ukon Malja (The Chalice For Ukko)
5. Julma Jupakka, osa 1 (The Cruel Fight, part 1)
6. Julma Jupakka, osa 2 (The Cruel Fight, part 2)
7. Kylvö Kolmell’ Ve’olla (Sauna Song)
8. Suurvalkia (The Great Fire)
9. Taian aika (Time of Spells )
10. -

Janne Väätäinen – rhythm & lead guitar, clean vocals, kantele, jouhikko, flute, domra, etc.
Lari Hammarberg – drums, distorted vocals, percussion, mouth harp
Taneli Kejonen – rhythm guitar
Niko Kuljuntausta – bass, backing vocals

guest musicians:
Hittavainen – violin
Juha Jyrkäs – throat singing
Pekka Korhonen – lead guitar, domra, backing vocals
Ville Hassinen – lead guitar

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