LA CARUTA DI LI DEI release new EP


Italian epic black metal band La Caruta di li Dei, one of Agghiastru’s many projects, has just released its new EP “Ursus” via its permanent label and partner Inch Productions. La Caruta di li Dei has been active since 1997, and this the 5th EP for the band that has released only one full-length, “Mediterraneo Atto I” back in 1998! ”Ursus” was recorded between Sciacca and Turin, on two different periods (from 27 September to 1 October, 2013 and then from January 13 to 28, 2014). Their music offers wonderful epic melodies, mixed with aggressive black death metal, without neglecting progressive veins here and there. “Ursus” is a song composed in the late ’90s, remaining buried in one of Agghiastru’s many drawers and its aesthetic is closer to the beginning. “Arus” is a cosmic journey as Agghiastru intended for the project in recent years. Even the final track “Venusia” has something from the ‘past’; it is a song made on the instrumental base of “La Coscienza” EP from 2005. Coming to the album’s concept, its two protagonists, Keleo and Ursus embark on a cosmic battle in infinite space and to the planet Arus. “Prei“, which concludes the EP, is a bonus track from 2008. The EP is available as CD-r from Inch Productions and will soon be available digitally in the label’s Bandcamp page.

1. Ursus (Nella Valle dei Templi di Arus)
2. Arus
3. Aurora
4. Haggar
5. Venusia
6. Prei ( bonus track 2008 )

La Caruta di li Dei @ Facebook
La Caruta di li Dei @ Inch Productions
La Caruta di li Dei – Ursus @ SoundCloud


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