VOLTUMNA unveil first details of upcoming album

VOLTUMNA - Disciplina Etrusca

Etruscan death black metallers Voltumna have just unveiled the first details of their upcoming second full-length album, which will be entitled “Disciplina Etrusca“. The band was formed in 2009 and in 2011 they self-released the EP “Chimera“. Their debut album “Damnatio Sacrorum” was initially self-released on March 2013 and re-released on April 2014 via UK label Cold Birth Records. Voltumna are now in search for a new label to release their new album, hopefully in spring 2015. They have already revealed “Disciplina Etrusca” tracklist and the cover artwork by the amazing hands of Marcelo Vasco.

01. Roma Delenda Est
02. Prophecy of One Thousand Years                  
03. Disciplina Etrusca
04. The Alchemist
05. Bellerofonte
06. Bringer of Light
07. Tages, Born from the Earth
08. Carnal Genesis
09. Measure the Divine
10. Teofagia
11. (Bonus Track)
12. Tirreno

Voltumna official page
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