SKOGMARK debut album on SoundAge

SKOGMARK - Sworn to Paganism

Russian atmospheric pagan black metallers Skogmark from St. Petersburg will soon release their debut full-length album via SoundAge Productions. They were formed in 2012 and self-released the EP “Autumn-Winter” in 2013. In 2014 Skogmark self-released digitally their first full-length album “Sworn to Paganism“. Their great music gained the attention of SoundAge Productions who signed the band and will officially release ”Sworn to Paganism” on CD in the end of 2014. Skogmark are now recording their second full-length album, a work they promise to be slightly more melodic, still very atmospheric…

1. Дух лесов (Spirit of Forests)
2. Гнев Богов (Wrath of Gods)              
3. Присяга язычеству (Sworn to Paganism)
4. Смерть белого ордена (The End of White Order)
5. Воспоминание об истоках (Reminiscence of Origin)
6. Реквием (Requiem)
7. Агония (Dødskamp)
8. Ожидание вьюг (Awaiting the Blizzards)

Hate – vox
M. – guitars
V. – bass
A. – drums
C. – guitars

Skogmark @ Facebook
Skogmark @ VK


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  1. Just found these guys via youtube, one of the best atmospheric pagan black metal bands I have ever heard! When will their debut album be released on CD and will it be available in the US?

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