STURMPERCHT / RAUHNÅCHT new split released


Alpine folk band Sturmpercht joined forces once again with Austrian Alpine pagan black metal band Rauhnåcht for the release of the full-length version of their long sold-out split EP “Zur Ew’gen Ruh” from 2012. Actually it is a completely new album, 4 times longer than the original mini-CD. It includes four long songs, with a total playtime of 62 minutes, while the original EP was only 16 minutes long. Each song consists of 2 parts; the first half belongs to Sturmpercht’s acoustic folk and the second part to Rauhnåcht’s pagan folk black metal. It is released via Steinklang Records both in a 6 panel matted A5 digipak edition with partial glossy UV print and in a double-LP edition. Both versions can be ordered by the label and by Rauhnåcht’s official Facebook page (see link below).

1. Geist – 16:41
2. Die Drei Eisheiligen – 16:20
3. Zur Ewgen Ruh – 16:23
4. Die Tausendjahrige Eiche – 12:08

Rauhnåcht official page
Rauhnåcht @ Facebook
Sturmpercht @ Facebook


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  1. Looks very cool, will check it out !

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