INCHIUVATU release new EP


Italian melodic folk experimental black metallers Inchiuvatu have released on November 2, 2014 their newest EP “Via Matris“. Inchiuvatu were formed on the holy Friday of 1993, thanks to Agghiastru, the creator of all artistic expression of the band. This EP is part of the pentalogy EP that began in 2008 with “33“, continued with “Ecce Homo” in 2009, then “INRI” in 2013 and now “Via Matris“. On Friday April 3, 2015 the pentalogy will come to the conclusion, with “Via Lucis” an all electric EP, but with surprises. The new EP “Via Matris” is an experiment in the metal world, but also in the sound of Agghiastru (folk desert), who tries to figure out where the boundaries are. “Via Matris” was entirely composed and played acoustically. The structure is following the forms of Inchiuvatu’s folk black metal, but the music is played ‘in the absence of electricity’. In fact, the instruments used here are all ‘pure wood’: viola, piano, trumpet, percussion, guitars, flutes. Esotic folk black metal. It is an all acoustic work, different from other Inchiuvatu releases, but Agghiastru is sure there will be people out there that will want to hear his experiment. The concept of the album follows the story of Virgin Mary. 7 moments are known as’ the sorrows of Mary ‘, pierced by seven swords. “Via Matris” is available in CD-r edition via Inch Productions and the best (if not the only) way to get it is to visit their official pages below.

1. In Utero ( 6:13 )
2. Ammuccia ( 4:44 )
3. Matri Addulurata ( 3:24 )
4. Trafitta ( 4:23 )
5. Eterna Gloria ( 5:32 )
6. Scrucifissu ( 5:49 )
7. Santa Balata ( 6:39 )

Agghiastru – vocals, piano, trumpet, viola, guitars
Rosario Badalamenti- guitars, viola
Tati – drums and percussion

Inchiuvatu official page
Inchiuvatu @ Facebook
Inchiuvatu @ Inch Productions
Inch Productions @ Bandcamp


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