ELDERTALE debut EP for free download

ELDERTALE - Land of Old

Ukrainian folk metalles Eldertale from Kiev have released their debut EP “Land of Old” in digital format at the end of June 2014. The concept of Eldertale comes from its founder, Evgeny Belozertsev and is based on combining metal within traditional folk melodies of the Northern Slavs. This idea came in his mind back in 1998 while he was in his other heavy metal band named Tiara. He had to wait until the year of 2004 to find the first bandmate, Kirill “Kirya” Shapovalenko, to shape this project for real. Kirya started in the band as a bass player but now manages vocals and guitar lines, while Evgeny Belozertsev also plays guitar. Therefore, Eldertale became a mix of heavy, power and death metal influenced by traditional Slavic folk music. Due to many professional and personal issues, the duo turn this project on hold until Evgeny Kozakov joins as bass player in 2007. Eldertale returns on hold in 2008 for the same reasons until late 2012 and the arrival of Josh O. Berg and Alexander Desyatnichenko. The line-up is now complete. Eldertale worked hard for their debut EP entitled “Land of Old”, which was released online on June 27th, 2014 and is available for free in their official pages. The band is currently working on their debut album and plan their first live shows…

1. Exile ( 03:56 )
2. Land of Old ( 08:00 )
3. Time of Ancient ( 04:55 )

Kirill “Kirya” Shapovalenko – harsh and clean vocals, guitar, bass, choirs
Evgeny Belozertsev – guitar, balalaika
Josh O. Berg – keyboards, choirs
Evgeny Kozakov – bass
Alexander Desyatnichenko – drums

Eldertale @ VK
Eldertale @ Facebook
Eldertale @ Bandcamp


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