XERIÓN – Cantares das Loitas Esquecidas

XERIÓN – Cantares das Loitas Esquecidas

Origin: Spain
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Schwarzdorn Production
Year: 2010

It’s been now 10 years since the beginning of this band. Back in 2001, Nocturno decided to create a one-man band with the name Xerión, inspired by the Celtic mythology of his homeland, Galicia (northwestern Spain). With the passing of years many new members joined or left Xerión and the band released several demos and split albums. In 2007 they released their first full length “Nocturnal Misantropia” after signing to their new label Schwarzdorn Production. In the second half of 2010 they released their second album “Cantares das Loitas Esquecidas” again with Schwarzdorn.

All these years Xerión were playing black metal, sometimes with a more raw approach and other times with pagan folk mood. Their new album, which translates to “Songs of Forgotten Battles” is by far their most complete and mature effort and definitely their most professionally produced work. They play pagan black metal with some folk elements and a few symphonic influences. They have found a good balance between power and melody and the album avoids repetition. Their sound is interesting, with guitars being the most dominant instrument, while all others are accompanying the leading riffs. Some songs are aggressive and fast, others follow slower and more atmospheric forms, while there are even some acoustic, folk and ambient passages. Their screaming black metal vocals aren’t too extreme and there are also a few choir parts in some refrains. Lyrics are in their native Galician language dealing with local history, mythology and folklore. The album is about 47 minutes and it also contains a Taunusheim cover of the song “Loitas na Néboa”.

Overall “Cantares das Loitas Esquecidas” is a good album and I believe that through all these years Xerión managed to built a very interesting pagan sound. I just get the feeling that the compositions can be improved. There are some good ideas in the songs, but still something is missing to complete them and get them in a higher level! Anyway, I think they are much improved compared to their previous efforts and I hope they will continue this way in the future. ‘Till then, I suggest all pagan metal fans to check this band, since they deserve it. You can visit their official site for more info and samples.


Rating:  (8/10)


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