FROSTTIDE unveil upcoming album cover artwork

FROSTTIDE - Blood Oath

Melodic folk death metal band Frosttide from Jyväskylä, Finland will release its second full-length album entitled “Blood Oath” on February 27th 2015 via Noiseart Records. The new record continues in the same style of their 2013 debut album “Awakening”, taking the band’s music to the next level! Frosttide have already unveiled the beautiful cover artwork for “Blood Oath” that is going to be another concept album. The band members state: “When recording “Awakening” we decided to make a set of brother albums. We saved one song from “Awakening” to be on the second record. So, even though this is our second record, we decided to base the lyrics on the story that occurred before “Awakening”. Making this a prequel. The story allows the listener to know where everything originated and what led to the arrogant and greedy attitude that can be seen in the protagonist of Awakening”.

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