VORGRUM reveal upcoming album details

VORGRUM - Last Domain

Argentinian pagan metallers Vorgrum from Buenos Aires have revealed the first details of their upcoming debut full-length album, entitled ”Last Domain“. The band was formed in 2009 and released the 4-track EP “The Awakening” in 2011. The exact release date of the new album isn’t announced yet. It will be available only in digital format on February 2015, but there are also thoughts for a physical edition too. “Last Domain” includes 12 tracks of pure pagan metal filled with trolls, woods, beer, booty, war, and pretty ladies. Vorgrum have revealed the track “Last Will” from the upcoming album, for which they have also released the official videoclip, that you can watch below. Cover artwork and album tracklist is also unveiled.

1. Unleashing
2. Legacy of the Ancients                
3. Drunkard Anthem
4. Last Will
5. Troll Villa
6. Desert Knight
7. Legions from Niflheim
8. Scaring us to Death
9. Potato Troll
10. Ancient Rulers
11. Clockwork of Decadence
12. Schwarzwald

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Vorgrum @ Bandcamp


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