ANDRAS – Warlord

ANDRAS – Warlord

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Pagan Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2010

Andras return with a new album, their sixth full-length, 2 years after “Iron Way”. The veteran pagan black metallers from Germany (formed back in 1994) seem to be in their “second youth” the last years, offering us 3 great albums. So, after the melodic turn in “…of Old Wisdom” and “Iron Way” and after listening to a 2-min official preview of the new album, I expected something even more melodic from the band…

With “Warlord”, Andras continue the style they explored in their 2 previous works. You can definitely recognize their characteristic sound, but I think this album has some differences too. The main difference is that they sound more powerful and aggressive and the overall atmosphere of the album is much darker. Of course they retain their melodic nature, with their amazing refrains and clean vocals, but there also some less melodic heavier parts with an almost “doom” mood. The production is flawless and their sound very solid and “deep”. Ecthelion experiments with many different vocal styles and he has done an amazing job, very improved compared to the previous albums. His clean vocals are very expressive, while his brutal ones (both black and death) overflow with hatred and aggression… Guitars have the main role in their compositions, either with blasting riffs, or with more melodic lines, changing the rhythm of the songs very often. Their synths are very discreet most of the time, merging skillfully with the guitars, enriching their sound, but they also carry the lead melodies in some instrumental parts. The album lasts for almost 55 minutes and contains 10 songs, including an instrumental track “Nemesis”, which is very different from the rest of the album (it reminds me of Metallica’s “One” both in melody and atmosphere!!). All lyrics are in English and they tell about battles and pagan themes.

Warlord” is another great album from Andras that will please fans of the band and those who like epic melodic pagan black metal. The band has a very good sound and some enchanting moments and that makes me expect something even better from them in the future. “Warlord” is a step closer to it, but not perfect yet… Once again it is released by Einheit Produktionen and except for the jewel case edition, it comes also in a limited digipak version with an extra DVD including their “Live at Chronical Moshers Open Air 2010” and some other extras. You can check them in their myspace page.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Andras @ Myspace

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