Origin: France
Genre: Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Year: 2010

Some of you may remember the band with this unusual name from their debut album “Pagan Rite” back in 2001. Actually it was the first and only album of this French band that was formed in 1997. Back then they offered us a very good release of underground folk black metal with a very medieval touch. They used a lot of traditional instruments and they had many instrumental folk parts. Nine years later they finally release their new album and I was very excited to see them signing in Northern Silence Records, because their music was recorded since 2004 and mixed in 2007!

I must admit that the new album “Korlgueläal” is very very different from the debut! The main difference is in the vastly improved production. The band is very far from the underground sound of the past and now everything is more solid, powerful and clear. They sound more epic and aggressive than before, while their compositions are more balanced. The pure medieval instrumental songs are now gone and they have a more epic pagan approach. Guitars are dominant in their sound, while the traditional instruments have a more secondary role, except a few parts where they take the lead and the result is simply amazing, like in my favorite song “Svarn Lak Dral”. Personally, I’d prefer these folk / medieval parts more often in their album. Riffs are both brutal and melodic moving from epic mid tempo to fast aggressive parts (sometimes there is a death metal mood), while the vocals are the typical brutal pagan black metal ones, excellently performed by Darkhyrys. Choir and female vocals are totally absent this time and only a few clean vocals remain! The band has paid a lot of attention to the lyrics and Darkhyrys has also written two fantasy books that someone can download on the band’s official site in order to fully understand the concept of both albums. Anyway all lyrics are in English and you can also read them in the booklet…

Diamond Eyed Princess made a quite impressive return, and they released a very professional album. They seem to take themselves seriously and I hope they offer us more good albums soon. I must definitely comment the amazing artwork and “package” of “Korlgueläal”. Northern Silence released it in a deluxe A5 digibook with 40-pages booklet, containing the concept book II, maps, song illustrations as well as an A3 poster!! Even if it seems quite an expensive layout, they have kept a very reasonable price, something that makes the purchase of this album much more appealing than just downloading it. Either way I fully recommend this album to all fans of the genre. You can get a taste of the band in the following links.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Diamond Eyed Princess @ Myspace

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