HESPERIA reveal upcoming album artwork and release date

HESPERIA - Metallum Italicum

The 5th Hesperia full-length album “Metallum Italicum – Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis pars IV” is ready. The studio sessions for the master were finished on December 14th, 2014 at the DPF Studio. The CD is scheduled for release on January 24th, 2015 via the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. The album tracklist and cover artwork are already revealed. Soon the album trailer will be available, plus the song “Metallvm Italicvm I” for which the band will make a video. They have also unveiled some promo pics taken at the Theater of the Roman ancient town ruins of Helvia Recina (Macerata, MC) and at Scena Italica’s headquarter (Recanati, MC). The album is the 4th and last part of the concept about the Holy Roman poem “Eneide” (P.M. Virgilio) and has Italian/Latin lyrics. It is a manifesto of the cultural/spiritual genre called “Metallum Italicum” (it: Metallo Italico; eng: Italic Metal).

1. Incipit: Aeneidos Apotheosis
2. De Bello Italico I
3. De Bello Italico II
4. Interludium I: Ave Metallvm Italicvm
5. Metallvm Italicvm I
6. Metallvm Italicvm II
7. Interludium II: Ave Hesperia
8. Hesperia
9. Hesperias Triumphator (instrumental)
10. Apotheosis: Roma Incipit

Many special guests participate in this album:
- Fervs (L’Effet c’est Moi, ex Morkal)
- Figlia della Tempesta (Lo Spirito del Luogo)
- Lord Inferos, Adranor, Flagellum (Legion of Darkness)
- Mancan (Ecnephias)
- “M” (The True Endless, Skoll)
- Gianluca Mandolesi (Centurion)
- Marco Vitali (Ibridoma)
- Chiara Malvestiti (Crysalys)
- Christian Bartolacci (Ibridoma, Scala Mercalli)

Exceptionally among the special guests:
- Knjaz Varggoth (Nokturnal Mortum) the metal hero of the ’80s
- Mario “The Black” Di Donato (Requiem, The Black)


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