SPÜOLUS – Behind the Event Horizon

SPÜOLUS – Behind the Event Horizon

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Black Metal Doom Metal Space Ambient
Label: Kunsthauch
Year: 2010

Spüolus is the new band of Szabo Void from Hungary, who was also behind the underground black metal band Thy Funeral that was put to rest after two demos. Spüolus’ only member sees this band as a mature continuation of Thy Funeral and at the same time as a new beginning. “Behind the Event Horizon” is the band’s debut album and it is released by the Russian label Kunsthauch.

In their official myspace site they describe their music as alien, misanthropic, blackened, funeral, doom metal and I find this description very precise, especially if you also add the genre ambient in the mix. The are four long songs in the album that lasts for almost an hour. All of them are very slow with the typical funeral doom guitar riffing. Synths are very dominant in this work, either accompanying the guitars, either having the leading role in the ambient parts of Spüolus music. They create a very dark atmosphere, the perfect background for Szabo to express his personal perceptions and explore his memories and subconscious, through an esoteric cosmic journey. The vocals are quite variable; from typical black metal screams to clean vocals and some weird spoken parts, all of them mainly in the background. Lyrics are in English, all composed by Szabo Void, who also did the nice artwork of the album, as well as the production, mixing and engineering! In other words, everything. The sound and production serves the music very good, but it remains in underground style. And I believe that some slight improvement could make the result much better.

Overall I believe that it is a balanced album that is mainly based on the atmosphere it creates. Like most albums of this genre, it sounds somehow monotonous and repetitive, but this is the way to slowly build this depressive torturing atmosphere, that the listener can’t escape from. “Behind the Event Horizon” isn’t a work that you will listen to every day, but if you give it a try, it can drug you down to it’s dark alien melancholic mood. If you like this style of music you should definitely check Spüolus. There is a couple of songs you can listen in their myspace page.


Rating:  (7/10)

Spüolus @ Myspace

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