ODROERIR – Götterlieder II

ODROERIR – Götterlieder II

Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2010

Odroerir is a folk metal band formed back in 1998 from Fix, who is also on the band Menhir. Initially they were known as a Menhir side project and they sounded like a “lighter” version of them. In 2002, with a new full line-up, their debut album “Laßt Euch Sagen Aus Alten Tagen…” was released by Ars Metalli and it was instantly sold out! Three years later they return with a very refreshed sound in order to release their second album “Götterlieder” with Einheit Produktionen. Now, five years later, in 2010 they release their new album named “Götterlieder II” again with Einheit Produktionen.

Both “Götterlieder” albums are the band’s effort to set to music the Icelandic saga “Edda”. So they have pretty much the same overall atmosphere. The new album is more acoustic compared to the first one. Odroerir use many traditional instruments, like large and small shawm, flute, mandola, mandolin, tin whistle, cittern, djembe, timpani, horns, cello and violin, either totally acoustic, or in combination with electric guitars and bass. All black and extreme metal elements are totally vanished from their new album, except a few (very few) brutal vocals… They have clean male and female vocals, as well as many “medieval” choirs. All songs are very melodic and the band has done a remarkable work in the vocals. Their folk orchestrations are very unique and rich and they don’t sound like other bands. They have managed to capture the atmosphere of the “pagan” life, traveling us back in time many centuries ago. Maybe it’s the band’s involvement in re-enactment groups that helps them have a deeper and more substantial approach. Their production is very good, much improved since their earlier works. All instruments, both plugged and acoustic are very clear and everything seems at the right level. There are many magical parts in the songs (especially some violin parts and some enchanting melodic vocal lines) and it’s a very relaxing and pleasant album to listen to. “Götterlieder II” lasts for more than an hour and it contains 7 songs, including the 19 minutes closing track “Allvater”, where the band experiments with some amazing guitar solos, something unusual for them! All lyrics are in German of course and you can find them in the detailed booklet.

Overall, “Götterlieder II” is a very balanced work, the most mature of the band. If you don’t know Odroerir, this album is the perfect way to start. I admit I can’t be very objective here, since they were one of my “first loves” in folk pagan metal, but I really believe this is a great album. Of course you can check their official pages and discover their beautiful music on your own.


Rating:  (9/10)

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