OMUT release debut album

OMUT - Ten Paths Through the Swamp

Polesian folk pagan metallers Omut from Belarus have achieved the moment that every band wishes for, the release of their debut album! In their case it sums up the way, which started 10 years ago in their hometown Drogichin. Not everything came out as they wanted, but they moved forward, as they could and were able to. Their debut full-length album in entitled “Дзесяць шляхоў праз дрыгву – Ten Paths Through the Swamp” and it is out today, on the 25th of December 2014, a real holiday gift! It is available for digital download in their official Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to all the songs. Just follow the links below.

1. Iорданская вода – 01:41
2. Вецер – 04:07
3. З крывёю ваўка – 03:33
4. Шэры гусі – 04:06
5. Пляскi – 03:30
6. Спявай, зямля – 05:03
7. Дрыгва – 02:57
8. Вясна – 05:26
9. Бранль – 02:31
10. Гэй, спявай – 03:28

Omut @ Facebook
Omut @ VK
Omut @ Bandcamp


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