Origin: France
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Black Metal
Label: Les Acteurs de l Ombre Productions
Year: 2010

One year after the amazing album “Vacuum”, Vaerohn returns with the second effort of his personal band Pensées Nocturnes. And if he experimented in the first album, well this time he moved one step “forward”, taking many risks and offering us a really bizarre and unusual musical work! This weird piece of art though, isn’t too easy to be fully comprehended, compared to the debut. I must admit that its title “Grotesque” fits the music perfectly.

Even if the result is quite different, the basic principles in the two albums are pretty the same. Extreme underground black metal, with howling searing screaming vocals (or better growls) mixed with dark classical music. This time though, the non-black metal elements are not the typical classical melodic pieces, but some really weird avant-garde orchestral parts, that create a very “sick” atmosphere throughout the whole album. I also think that the tempo is a bit slowered and the overall production is improved. I don’t know what Vaerohn had in mind, but “Grotesque” travels me back in dark Baroque / Renaissance times; it’s like if Hieronymus Bosh have left his brush and transformed his paintings into music! Both scary, ugly and beautiful! Back to the album… Except for the “weird” parts, there are also some more melodic typical classical music interludes making the contrast even bigger. Also Vaerohn uses more “clean” vocals this time, in a really twisted and insane way, so they are in harmony with the overall atmosphere. Unluckily the lyrics are in French, so I can’t figure out their thematology, even though I guess they will be somehow abstract…

Grotesque” is very unique album. There aren’t many words that can describe such a weird and unusual work. I am sure that listeners will be devided. My personal opinion is that  Pensées Nocturnes managed to create an album with a very bizarre atmosphere like the equally strange and amazing cover illustration. It is ART for sure, a very original and ambitious album definitely, but I can’t say I prefer it from the more melodic mood of the debut that followed the “safer” paths of classicals’s music unquestioned value. I really don’t know what to expect in the next release, something that I find very positive. The album is released again by Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions and its 8 songs last for 54 minutes. Anyway, I guess the final judge is your personal taste, so follow the link below to listen to it.


Rating:  (8,5/10)


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