NÀTTSÒL – Stemning

NÀTTSÒL – Stemning

Origin: Norway
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Lupus Lounge Prophecy Productions
Year: 2010

Nàttsòl were formed in 2006 by Erlend Antonsen, with the intention to play melodic pagan black metal. He begun composing the songs and soon the Norwegian band got a full line-up that started the recording of their debut album. All instruments and vocals have been recorded until the spring of 2008. The band signed with Lupus Lounge (a sub-label of Prophecy) to release their debut, something that happened 2 years later in 2010. Just before the release of “Stemning” though, Erlend left Nàttsòl for personal reasons, so the band will continue without its founder and composer!

Stemning” is an album that is based on the fundamental instruments of black metal. Keyboards and folk instruments, commonly used in the pagan genre, are totally absent here (except the last totally acoustic song). They have a very solid sound, just with guitars, bass and drums, while their vocals vary from typical pagan black metal growls to epic clean chants and guest female vocals on the closing song. The whole album moves into the typical epic black metal mid-tempo without many faster parts. On the contrary, they often have some tranquil melodic passages with peaceful acoustic guitars, as well as the enchanting acoustic song “Ved Hav I Avdagsleitet” with Anette Gulbrandsen’s beautiful vocals. The black metal structure of their songs has an epic, sometimes dark mood and it’s mostly the vocals that give them their melodic character. Lyrics are written in their native Norwegian language, in order to capture more precisely the nature inspired mysticism of their songs.

Overall Nàttsòl offer us a well composed black metal album with good production and a cold pagan sound. They are very good at this genre and their sound is excellent especially for a first effort. On the other hand they don’t really offer something new in the overcrowded scene of the genre and I believe they still need effort in order to stand out from the rest. Anyway I expect that the departure of Erlend will affect a lot their music… The album is released in a very nicely illustrated digipak, fitting perfectly with their pagan atmosphere. You can listen to their music on their myspace and Facebook pages.


Rating:  (8/10)

Nàttsòl @ MySpace
Nàttsòl @ Facebook

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